My sister's Birthday Cake

Gina's Birthday Cake.

On January 13TH was my sister's birthday and I made this cake, I thought about a Black Forest Cake, so I bought all the ingredients, and believe me it was a pain because in Venezuela the supermakets are empty no flour, no white sugar, butter, good quality oil, eggs among others...thanks God I have some Chinese friends (supermaket ownwers) that sold me some of the ingredients that is why I could "collect" them, but to my surprice the day before my sister's birthday, she told us in a very vague way (as she did not wanted to propose a particular cake or as she was not thinking about her birthday cake) "mmm I feel like eating Saint Honoré Cake like the one in the cookbook", GOSH! what do I do now? well i made a "blend" between the two cakes. and this is the result. I'll post the recipe soon.

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