Queues to Buy milk in Venezuela.

Queues to Buy milk in Venezuela.

This morning my mom and i had to stay in line to buy milk, the army and a new branch of the state oil company PDVSA, called PDVAL sold two kilograms of milk per person according to them they will supply food because they just realized about the lack of food in the country...Can you believe? For the Venezuelans is a lack of the right policy. I took these pics with my cell phone when the guard was not watching, the first pic is the line behind us and the second one is in front of us...you can see people calling their relatives and friends to "give the news". Fortunately the queue moved so fast it took us about twenty minutes to buy the milk

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Claire said...

This makes me think of when I lived in Kyrgyzstan...at one point, they stopped selling milk in the stores and a truck would come around to the apartment complexes. You just had to "luck out" and know when they were coming, take you container down there and get your truck pumped milk! The lines were very similar!