Michele´s Fourth Birthday

Michele´s Fourth Birthday
I have to apologize for the time I was without posting , but I had a terrible flu and two events: my nephew´s mardi grass party at school and my nephew´s birthday on february 16th , for me everything related with my nephew is very important so being sick as I was, was secondary…It all began with the party announcement by the teacher, I went to the center and bought the costume for my nephew, he was disappointed because the costume of his hero Sportacus from Lazy Town was not in the stores so I convinced him to take the zorro costume (the Zorro is a looong tradition in my family), we went to the party and he was having a wonderful time but before the party ended he told me he wanted to leave…BINGO… the flu plus vomiting and diarrhea then the teacher told me some kinds stayed at home because they were sick too, I took care of him but I also got the flu (only the flu) I was feeling terrible but thinking about my baby´s birthday I could not stay in my bed so I went to the center again and bought all the ingredients (the ones I could find) for the food and cake, and all the stuff to fill and make the piñata and cotillones I think I bought about 30 kilograms of candies, chocolates and toys because could not hold the huge bags with all these things. I made the cotillones, the chupetera and the piñata in only three days and that is why they are not beautiful and well finished. Then on Friday I made the cake, on Saturday I made the gelatin, the tres leches dessert and my mom and I made the pizza and sausage rolls all this with one and a half kilograms of flour that I was treasuring, because in Venezuela YOU CANNOT FIND FLOUR so I kept the flour and wrote on it FOR MICHELE´S PARTY, it was a wise decision…and it was enought to make two huge pizzas , about 172 sausage rolls and the cake , for 8 kids and 10 adults they ate a lot and even took home pizza, rolls cake and everything
PS: my sister also helped she and my causin made the decoration, blowed ballons and filled the cotillones with caramels and toys
another PS: the figurines on the cake are supposed to be Tom and Jerry, they are ugly I know but i do not know how to work with sugar paste, I made them 1 hour before the party began and above all I do not know to make figurine modeling, I could not find any figurine in the stores... buuut for Michele they were the bests ever...I'm glad.

Cheesy pizza

Sausage Rolls

Tres Leches Dessert

two Milks Gelatin



The Cake

(No Hit) Piñata
Mom and Grany helping Mike

Adults love piñatas too

Woohoo Candles Lighting

Blowing out the candles


Mardi Grass Party at School

Who needs Antonio Banderas?


The Friendship League
(Really I did not see a villain)


Donna said...

I was getting worried about you!! Sorry you were all sick!! You can't get FLOUR??? Oh Sweetie...could I mail some to you?? Would you get it??? Much love to you!! Email me.

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Dear Faery

I enjoyed seeing all the yummy stuff you made for the party inspite of falling sick!!
The Tom n Jerry look so cute and am so glad that you tried with sugarpaste...The results were excellent...Keep it up Faery!!You will go a long way sweetie!!

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hi Faery

I wanted to know how you got the picture on the milk gelatine you made.. Hey, havent been able to make the orchid Faery but tried a sunflower this time...See ya soon!!