Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie Faery's Style
recipe soon (it is 1 oclock am)
My brother came along with his wife and my two nieces and a camera, they came for eastern, we had a very good time together .Due to it is a long journey from Valencia to El Tigre they come very few times during the year, when they come home we cook not only traditional dishes of the season but other traditional dishes in this family and some new ones, this time We were lucky to find self raising flour in the supermarket (a friend of mine called me to tell me “I’ve got some flour for you) so I bought 20 kilograms of flour =) *sigh* I had the chance to get relaxed in the kitchen baking, baking and baking… did I mentioned that my brother brought a camera with him…yes not like mine…so he took some pictures of my “creations” the pictures are very good… Please, do not get used to pics like these ok …until Christmas

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