Excellent Award

Excellent Award

I am so happy for Swati from Sugar Craft India and Tartasacher from Mil Postres surprised me with the Excellent award It is an honor to receive these awards because Swati and Tartasacher keep their blogs so beautiful and with great recipes and pictures that they are really Excellent blogs.

I want to extend this award to those other blogs I consider Excellent, not only for sharing recipes and pictures but also for sharing a bit of their everyday lives, anecdotes, ideas, thoughts, memories….

Thank you Swati and Tartasacher for the award and also for giving me the opportunity to tell you two and my other teachers in my favorite link list how important and excellent you all are

Do What I Like
I dolci di Pinella
La Mia Cucina
Lucullian delights
Made in Heaven
Simply Anne's
Precious Moments
Todo Caserito 2
yochana's cake delight

Thank you all ;o)


Mary said...

Thanks so much Faery! And to answer your question about the pudding cake...I've never tried it using passionfruit but in theory it should work.

Faery said...

Well i'll give it a try, maybe this time i will blow up the kitchen ha ha ha

Ilva said...

Thank you Faery, it's so nice of you and I feel very honoured!

the AIRY FAIRY said...

thank you from one fairy to another faery! very much appreciated :)

Precious Moments said...

Faery, you are making me blush. Thanks so much.

Lis said...

Holy cow! Thanks so much, sweetie! Have I mentioned lately how good you make a gal feel? :)

And I couldn't agree more with Swati and Tartasacher - you truly do deserve this award! :D


Donna said...

Oh My!! Thank you SO Much Faery!! It's an honor coming from you!!! And You SO deserve your award!! Again, Thank You!!!hughugs

tartasacher said...

Hola Faery. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, me alegro mucho "verte" y que disfrutes de tu premio. La verdad es que cuando te acostumbras a un aparato y te falla estás perdida. Deseo tu batidora se ponga buena pronto.
Un beso muy fuerte.

Shitaki said...

Hola Faery! He llegado hasta aqui desde el blog de Tartasacher y me ha encantado. De verdad hiciste tu todas esas tartas para el dia de la madre! Con razón estabas cansada! Eres una gran cocinera !

Saludos de Amparo desde Palma de Mallorca

Helen said...

Thank you so much Faery, I a very touched!

Anne said...

Thanks Faery! Really appreciate it :)

Mar said...

Faery mil gracias por tu distinción y acordarte de mí, te lo agradezco infinitamente!!!
He tenido una semana con algunos problemas de salud y casi no he abierto la compu. Por ahora todo bajo control. Un beso grande y otra vez gracias por tu recuerdo.

Faery said...

Mary,ilva, The Airy Fairy,Presious Moments, lis, Donna, Helen, Ann Thanks girls for dropping by my blog and for accepting the award.
Tartasacher, tu blog me encanta gracias a ti por dejarnos entrar
Shitaki, si yo solita las hice me cansé pero las madres se alegraron tanto que valio la pena.
Mar, Gracias por aceptar y espero estes bien de salud