Frollini Cookies


400 gr butter.
150 gr icing sugar.
100 gr almond meal.
500 gr self raising flour.
100 gr eggs (about two eggs).
½ teaspoon vanilla essence.
½ teaspoon almond essence.

1.- Mix the butter and icing sugar until it is fluffy.
2- Add the vanilla and almond essence.
3- Add the eggs one at a time.
4- Gradually add the almond meal.
5- With a wooden spoon add the flour and mix well .
6- line a jelly roll pan with waxed paper and pipe the cookies.
7- Bake at 200°C until they are golden brown around the base of the cookies.
8- Let cool.
9- Enjoy ; )


dabrah said...

These look absolutely wonderful.

Donna said...

These look Very tasty!!! Have fun today sweetie!!hughugs

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

So delicious Faery..will give it a try soon!!