Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me
Or I Do Not Want To Sing The Birthday Song.
The Story: My mom and my sister told me to make the BD challenge as a Birthday cake (What? it is MY birthday), then they left, except for my nephew and his nanny I was alone at home.... so, I spent almost all day making the DB challenge. In the evening when I finished making the challenge I was tired and did not want to know anything about the B DAY...(Gosh I am tired I will not sing the any b day song).Then, frustrated,tired and depressed I went to the backyard and I was watering the plants when my sister came in with a cake, it was made by a pastry chef, (mmm strawbwrries...I love strawberries), so I changed my mind and decided to sing the b day song at the end (they'll feel bad if I don't ), it was a surprise from mom and my sister. I had two cakes and they were delicious. The End


Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hope you have a great year ahead of you and enjoy every moment of it..
Lovely lovely cakes!!


Cooking and the City said...

Faery I hope you had a lovely birthday :-)

Dell xo

Gabi said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
This is beautiful!!!

Lis said...

Happy belated birthday, sweetheart!!!