Sobao Pasiego

Sobao Pasiego
Butter Cake
Sorry for not posting before, I had a stupid accident and I ended up having a hurt knee, then I had to take some pills for the pain and bloated knee, good for the knee *thumb up* unfortunately it was bad for my stomach : s . I do not understand why my body never gets to an agreement when it is about a medicine …

3 or 4 eggs (I used 4)
250 gr butter
250 gr all purpose flour
250 gr sugar
½ teaspoon anise essence
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
1 tablespoon anise liqueur
3 teaspoons baking powder


1- Mix flour and baking powder, set aside.
2- Whisk butter, sugar, essences and liqueur until it is soft and creamy
3- Add eggs one at a time
4- Add the flour and whisk until it is well incorporated
5- Line with waxed paper the bottom and sides of a square cake pan *
6- Cook until it is golden brown on top
7- Remove it from the oven and let cool

* I do not have a square cake pan, so I used a round springform pan


Donna said...

Oh No!! Hope your knee gets better soon!!! I know how that feels!! The cake looks wonderful!!hughugs

Fran Z said...

Your cake looks delicious! I have never had anise flavoring in a cake, but I do like it, so I will will have to try it!
Hope your knee feels better, I know what you mean about medicines and stomach problems. Ugh! Sometimes helps to eat yogurt. :)

Indranee Batabyal said...

This butter cake looks fabulous! I'm going to bake it, forgetting all calories:)

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Sorry to hear about your knee..Hope you are feeling better now..
Will try out this recipe today and tell you..

Mara said...

i hope your knee is better !! that butter cake looks divine. i love yellow cake, it's from childhood.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. We were in Asturias on holiday and my sons adored this cake and bought vast amounts of "El Macho" to sustain them on mountain treks.