Chocolate Fudge.

Chocolate Fudge.

375 gr dark chocolate chopped.
1 tablespoon vegetable shortening (like Crisco).
1 cup sweetened condensed milk.
2/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts
¼ cup raisings.

1- Melt the chocolate and shortening in a heavy bottomed sauce pan. (Use a water bath).
2- Add the sweetened condensed milk and stir until it is well blended and it becomes thick.
3- Take out from the water bath and add the walnuts and raisins and mix.
4- Line a square bowl with plastic and pour the fudge, level and sprinkle with chocolate rice crisp, cover with plastic and let cool then put in the refrigerator until it is hard to cut.


Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

A lovely recipe of chocolate fudge..would love to try this out..Thanks for sharing Faery.

Cooking and the City said...

This looks so good, too good in fact LOL I want some, please :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever used carob in place of chocolate?
I know many people avoid carob, but I find that the trick is to find the right brand and

then you'll really see that carob can be (almost) as good as chocolate.

The brand I use is from Holy Food Imports,
which comes from Israel, so it does have an excellent and unique taste.