Moist Chocolate Cake

Easy Moist Chocolate Cake

This cake is so delicious and moist, and the scent of it is simply amazing. I could not believe I did it without a recipe. The Mexican style chocolate is kind of my grand mother's technique for making hot chocolate and the Mexican chocolate with almonds but all mixed in a Faery casserole. It seems this Faery is learning to cook...


295 gr cream (1 small can).
1 cup sugar.
4 large eggs.
½ cup corn oil. (I used light corn oil).
2 cups self raising flour.
½ teaspoon baking soda.
175 gr dark chocolate.
1 tablespoon vanilla.
¼ teaspoon salt.
2 tablespoons fresh squeezed orange juice.
Zest of a small orange finely grated.

Chocolate Icing.


1 can sweetened condensed milk.
175 gr dark chocolate.
½ tablespoon vanilla extract.
3 tablespoons fresh squeezed orange juice.
3 tablespoons salted butter.

For the cake.

1- Sieve together flour, baking soda and salt.
2- Melt the chocolate and oil always stirring to avoid burning the chocolate.
3- Add the cream, vanilla, orange juice, eggs and sugar and whisk until the mixture looks homogeneous.
4- Add in the flour and whisk until all the ingredients are well incorporated.
5- Line the bottom of a spring form pan grease and sprinkle with flour, shake off the excess, pour the mixture in it.
6- Bake at 190°C until a toothpick inserted come out clean, take out of the oven and let cool.
7- Cut the cake horizontally and pour some chocolate icing, place the other have of the cake over it and cover the top and sides with the rest of the icing.
8- Let cool, better if you put is 30 minutes in the lower part of the refrigerator
9- ENJOY .

For the Icing.

1- Melt the chocolate with the orange juice and the sweetened condensed milk, always stirring to avoid burning the chocolate, until it begins to get thick.
2- Add the butter and vanilla stir and let cool 15 minutes before icing the cake

Mexican Style Chocolate.


125 gr chocolate. (I used a Colombian chocolate that has sugar in it)
2 ½ cups milk.
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ tablespoon vanilla extract.
1 tablespoon corn starch.
¼ cup almonds.


1- Dissolve the corn starch in ½ cup of milk.
2- Blend the almonds and cinnamon with the milk, put is a sauce pan and heat and the chocolate
3- When the chocolate melts add in the corn starch.
4- Cook for about 2 minutes and turn off the heat, let rest for 5 minutes and add the vanilla.
5- Serve and enjoy.


Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Faery this looks truly delicious.. would love to try this out soon :))

Donna said...

Faery!!!! LOLOL...OhMyWord!!! This does INDEED look Delicious!! I thought I was over "wanting" more chocolate...LOLHahaha...Beautiful cake Sweetie!!!hughugs

Cooking and the City said...

Faery you have out done yourself!! this cake is fab, hugs :-)

Dell xxoo

Mara said...

wow that looks amazing, i just had some great choco cuppies today and this makes me want to make this RIGHT NOW!!!

btw, i just tagged you over on my blog...check it out. i want to learn more about you! :)

the AIRY FAIRY said...

faery...this looks divine...i could just sink my teeth into it...but unfortunately my mum might not appreciate me leaving teeth marks on her laptop screen ;)

Indranee Batabyal said...

Faery, this chocolate cake made me really hungry:) Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Faery, What a delicious looking moist cake! Thanks for the recipe!

mmmaria said...

faery this looks fantastic! i can't wait to try this recipe myself, I'm drooling all over my keyboard! for your mexican chocolate do you use ground up almonds?

Faery said...

Oh thank you so much for your kind words girls, I feel so glad that you all liked this recipe.
mmmaria: I used 1/4 cup blanched almond but you can use a little more, you grind or blend the almonds with the milk to get more flavor.

Big Boys Oven said...

this is truely amazing, the deco just so awesomely captured!

Donna said...

Just checking on you sweetie!!hughugs

OLGUIS said...

soy amante de los postres y si son de chocolate mejor aun.