Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom.

Last wednesday it was my Mommy birthday, and I made a small cake, according to the ones that eat it, it was way much better than the ones we buy at the pastry shop...I...I want to believe that I am improving my performance in the kitchen ;D

Faery’s Sponge Cake.


6 large eggs .
1 cup plus three tablespoons of self raising flour.
1 tablespoon vanilla extract.
¾ cup white sugar.
1- Whisk the eggs until they are pale and fluffy and slowly add the sugar and vanilla extract continue whisking until the batter looks thick and ribbony.
2- Gradually add the flour by sifting it through a sieve and fold in the egg batter with a spatula.
3- Pour into a greased and floured cake pan and bake 180°C until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
4- Unmold and let cool.
For the syrup: dissolved peach marmalade in water over low heat, when it is cool, add some dark rum and vanilla extract.
For the icing: whipped cream
For the filling: whisk together whipped cream and peach marmalade
Cake assembly: cut the cake lengthwise, drizzle one half of the cake with the syrup spread the filling over it and cover with the other half of the cake, drizzle with rum syrup, spread the whipped cream on top and sides of the cake.


Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Happy birthday wishes to your Mom!!
The cake looks very good.. Exceptionally good!!

tartasacher said...

Deliciosa tarta y felicidades a tu mamá. Espero pases un gran día con ella. las chufas no tienen otro nombre, al menos que yo sepa. Las chufas son unos tubérculos muy pequeñitos como los ves en la foto que tengo en mi blog. Se dan mucho en la zona de Valencia y la mejor horchata se hace en un pueblo cercano llamado Alboraya. Las chufas son muy sanas, se venden secas y hay que rehidratarlas antes de emplearlas para hacer la horchata. Espero haberte aclarado algo. Bebidas similares se pueden hacer por ejemplo con almendras.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Your Mother Sweetie!!! Love You!!hughugs

Kitchen Flavours said...

First time here. Nice blog. Yummy cake.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Sorry to wish belated b'day wishes to your mom

Kitchen Flavours said...

Sweet suprise for u at my blog check it out.

the AIRY FAIRY said...

what a beautiful cake! a very special one to make for your mummy!

Cooking and the City said...

Faery that cake looks delicious, love all the yummy cream. belated birthday wishes to your Mum :-)

Mara said...

omg i love this sponge cake!! i have to make it very soon. i have been making cupcakes for so many orders lately, i am stuck in cupcake land.