Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls

Hello, I’m back, after a loooong period out. I was supposed not to get in the kitchen because (due to the allergy) the heat of the oven or the range affected me, despite all that I managed to do some yummy food.
Well from now on I will make some special food, I do not dare to say gluten free because it is very hard to find gluten free products here, there is irony in all this, because we produce (Venezuela) most of the supplies needed to make flour and starches that do not have gluten….but you cannot find them on the supermarket shelves….I have to buy them in Caracas, and it is a rally because first: I have to call the store, then ask which products are available, tell the seller what I want, after that I have to make a deposit in the bank and fax them the voucher, then they send a box trough a special delivery service and I also have to pay the delivery, (so my wheat free bread and goodies are pretty expensive), and you know what…ALL this products are IMPORTED from the USA…I wonder what the so nationalist president of (some people… very few in fact) this country would say about that… maybe he would blame the former presidents ( he is –kind of­-RULING this country since 1998…) or the opposition or the USA as always hum this is sooo pathetic.
Ok I am not supposed to talk about politics but recipes here.
I made these delicious cheese balls for my nephew to take to school, this recipe is a tradition among Venezuelans and Colombians, we call them “Buñuelos de Queso “ (Cheese doughnuts) and they are very easy to make. They are so delicious and they make good party food with a sauce


Cheese Balls.
2 cups corn starch.
2 cups white cheese, grated (this a Venezuelan fresh cheese with a hard texture it is salty too).
1 egg yolk.
¾ cup of milk.
1 tablespoon sugar.
¼ teaspoon baking soda.
½ teaspoon baking powder.

1- Mix all the ingredients and let rest for half and hour.
2- Form small balls or sticks.
3- Fry the in hot oil
4- Place the fried ball over towel paper to drain the oil.

Note: although they are fried they do not absorb oil. I also add some oregano to the dough and serve them with tomato sauce.


Rosie said...

Welcome back and its lovely to see you psting again :)

You come back with a lovely dish of cheese balls - they realy look delish :)

Rosie x

tartasacher said...

Qué ricas estas bolitas de queso. Me alegro te hayan gustado mis bombs o berlinas de crema y espero te encuentres mejor. Besos mil

Kitchen Flavours said...

Nice to see you back. Wow cheese balls look gr8.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Welcome back! These look fabulous!!
Hope all is well with you.
Hugs, Marei

Cooking and the City said...

nice to *see* you back, the cheese balls look tasty :-)

Donna said...

I Love these!! I can Never eat just One!!hahaa....hughugs