Venezuelan Quesadillas.

Venezuelan Quesadillas.

This tartlet like bread is so delicious. The smell of the quesadillas will make you hungry when they are in the oven, they are perfect for breakfast.
CAUTION: They are addictive.

For the Dough.

550 grams all purpose flour
150 ml water.
20 grams yeast
5 grams salt.
1 egg.
50 grams unsalted butter or margarine.
1 tablespoon vanilla extract.
120 grams white sugar.
50 ml sweetened condensed milk.

Egg Wash.

1 egg yolk.
1 teaspoon water.

For the Filling.

250 grams white cheese, grated (or ricotta)
1 egg yolk.
200 grams sugar.
50 grams powdered milk.
10 ml honey.
15 ml anise flavored rum or liquour

1- Blend all the ingredients of the filling and set aside.
2- Mix the ingredients for the egg wash, set aside

For the dough:

1- In a bowl place the flour and make a whole in the center, it should look like a volcano.
2- Whisk the rest of the ingredients until sugar is dissolved, pour this in the center of the flour and gradually mix until you have a sticky dough, place over a floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes, let rest for 30 minutes.
3- Divide the dough into ten pieces, and roll them to make a circle, then shape (the idea is to raise the sides 2 centimeters and at the same time make a star like shape, the result must be like a tartlet shell) place on a cookie baking sheet, greased. Let the quesadillas raise for 45 minutes, if the sides are low try to shape them again.
4- Fill them with the cheese mix, brush the sides of the quesadillas with the egg wash and bake at 180 °C until light golden color.


Audax Artifex said...

They look a bit like turtles! Yes a nice treat at anytime.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Honey, rum, and cheese! The filling sounds delishious! Yes, they could be very addictive!

Swati said...

Really yummy ... :)

Audax Artifex said...

Your mom is Venezuelan and your dad is Italian what a fiery combination. The Venezuelan passion for life and Italian passion for love, hewwwwww.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Tempting and yummy.

Rosie said...

Very tempting and it looks SO yummy :)

Rosie x

tartasacher said...

Hola Faery. Deliciosas estas quesadillas. Un beso y gracias por tu amable comentario. Se pueden hacer también para Navidad. Es típico de todos los santos, pero llegan hasta la Navidad. Un besazo

viji said...

Looking great faery.How r u?

Kitchen Flavours said...

A small suprise waiting for you dear.Click on the link to follow Award Time

Chloe Patricia said...

Hello, Faery. Thank you for sharing a lovely pastry although I though quesadillas were corn tortilla with cheese. I must try your receip sometime soon. CP

Donna said...

I never saw them like this! Looks wonderful!! Happy baking sweetie!!hughugs

Jude said...

Very cool shaping.... Thanks for the warning. Sometimes I don't realize when I've inhaled delicious stuff like this.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Suprise Weekend Bonanza waiting for you.

Cooking and the City said...

Faery these do look tempting :-)