What you do for love Or A Halloween Celebration

What you do for love or a halloween celebration.

What can you do for love? Let me tell you what I did this time…
I decided not to celebrate Halloween this year but my four year old nephew is a fan of Halloween, last Friday he woke up from his afternoon nap and with a sweet sweet voice asked me: Is Halloween here already? Where is my Jack skellintong cake? Imagine how I felt and it was 3:00 pm. so I told him: my dear you know aunty is been very busy with the pre Christmas cleaning, I am so so tired, besides we are going out to the toy shop, your mom will be here at five and you must be ready , and he said: but but…(very sad face and said no more just watched TV)…OK auntie Dada, As he called me, I went into the kitchen and in two hours; I did what you see here, I know it's not nice, but judging from the expression on his face it was perfect. The verdict: 1000 Thumbs Up for Mike (and ketoprofen for my hernia, ouch! my back)

Jack Skellintong Cake

Pumpkin Flan. It looks like the center of the pumpkins are heart shaped.

Viji of Viji’s Veg Corner http://vijisvegcorner.blogspot.com/ and Kitchen Flavors of Yummy Food http://kitchenflavours.blogspot.com/ honored me with two beautiful awards, thank you so much

kitchen flavors With warm love invited me into her blog and served me this perfect blend of Trust, Kindness, Honesty, Caring and friendship

Viji I think your blog is very cool and beautiful ,also: I love Indian food

I would like to pass these awards (both awards) on to my Everyday inspiration blogs :
Donna of Ia She Cooking Or What http://www.madeinheaven2.blogspot.com/
Mara of Lick The Spatula http://lickthespatula.blogspot.com/
Tartasacher of Mil Postres http://milpostres.blogspot.com/
Swati of Swati's Sugar craft http://sugarcraftindia.blogspot.com/
Viji of Viji’s Veg Corner http://vijisvegcorner.blogspot.com/
Rosie of Rosie Bakes A Piece Of Cake http://rosiebakesapeaceofcake.blogspot.com/
Kitchen Flavors of Yummy Food http://kitchenflavours.blogspot.com/ now is my time to serve you this blend too


Cooking and the City said...

Faery I love your cake its so cute! & the glaze on the flan is beautiful.

sweetie many thank you's for my lovely awards, your so kind & I so appreciate it. congratulations to the other recipients too :-)

Dell :) xxoo

Proud Italian Cook said...

Faery, Again you show your kind heart to me. Thank you sweetie for these awards!!! A big hug to you!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Thanks a ton for two awards. Iam honoured dear. Pumpkin flan looks gr8.

viji said...

Thank u faiery for passing this award to me

Donna said...

Awwwwwww!! Auntie DaDa!! Hahaa...It's Wonderful! You are SO Sweet to help him with this cake!!!
Thank You for the Award Sweetie!! I'm Honored!!! Happy Baking!!hughugs

tartasacher said...

Hola Faery: Unos premios preciosos. Gracias de corazón y en cuanto tenga un minuto de tiempo hago una entrada para ponerlos, a ver si lo hago en cuando termine la serie de entradas de dulces de estos días de Todos los Santos. Un besote grande, grande y me encantan. Siempre tan cariñosa

Audax Artifex said...

It is ...my four year old nephew not "four years old". It is ...you must be ready not "you most be ready".

It is As he called me, I went into the kitchen and in two hours; I did what you see here, I know it's not nice...

You really made your nephew one happy boy!!! The cake looks smashing and the love and thought you put into it is outstanding. You are a lonely aunt.

Faery said...

Audax you will never know how much I appreciate your help with my English,It was a difficult decition to use English in my blog but I think we have to be brave and work hard when we want to learn a new language and have good luck to find a good soul like you, thank you so much.
I always said: I don't like kids I'm a witch ha ha ha, but this boy came to rescue me, I have been looking after him since he was 8 "days old" (because his mom worked in Carabobo State).

Audax Artifex said...

Your English is good (I think) only a few spelling mistakes and small grammar errors, nothing that is important, what you mean to say is clear. I have a lot of experience with people with little or no English so it is no effort on my part.

The simplest way of looking at English is that (nearly) all the common words use Old English rules (for example sing, sung or swim, swam, swum) and only the newer imported words use the modern rules. It appears that the core (most common) words of Modern Enlgish have different spelling and grammar rules (Old English) to all the rest. So this is why new English speakers say things like "I digged a hole" instead of "I dug a hole."

I looked up Carabobo in google. Are you in Venezuela? It is great how you meet so many different people blogging.

viji said...

Faery all ur cakes r tempting ya.
I've surprise for u check my blog for good job award

Swati said...

Dear Faery

Firstly, that sweet gesture of yours is so much YOU... always so loving and caring.. Am sure your nephew must be on top of the world!!
Both the cakes look very tempting ..
Thanks so much for the lovely awards..

Rosie said...

Faery your cake is brilliant love it and the flan has the wow factor!

Congrats on your awards you truly deserve them and I am honoured to be in receipt of these awards thanks you so much :)

Rosie x