Fast Food

Fast Food.

Hello! After so many days out of the blogosphere I’m back again. I had so many things to do that my back began to hurt then I had to take a while to heal, the pain was so bad that it was hard to walk, or sit or lay on my bed, I could not move very well. we had to reinforce the walls around our house and find the best security system, we had two options an electric fence over the walls or a very Venezuelan system… we chose the second one because we have little animals and a little boy who is very curious besides I’m not the tree of awareness so we better use something less harmful but that will discourage the thieves that abound in this area (and country) now, many of which come from other nations…but you know, they vote … and always for the bad guy, we are plentiful of thieves but we lack all purpose flour, cream cheese, skim milk powder and so many other items that are necessary for people. Also my cousin and I were working on my daddy’s pick up truck a Chevy 69, everybody wants to buy it but I say sorry it belonged to my daddy so it is priceless .
Back to the kitchen too, I prepare something easy that did not demand physical effort, I cannot knead …Mua Ha Ha we’ll see dear Doctors*… kneading is my hobby.
*The doctors are my brother and sister.
The first day in the kitchen: I prepare hamburgers with Milanese, when my nephew saw them he shouted “Pambomaaaa” it means McDonaaaalds but when he bite the hamburger he said “no e pamboma chia dada” it means it’s not McDonalds aunty dada and he put it away he was very disappointed. Well I only ate half of my hamburger because it was too big for me.
Spread ketchup on the one part of the hamburger bread and Dijon mustard on the other, place as much Milanese as you like cover it with some slices of cheese and ham, over the ham place some strips of tomato and roasted bell pepper add some onion rings and mayonnaise sprinkle dried oregano and black pepper then 30 second in the microwave on high and you are done.

Today:, I prepare rolled chicken steaks filled with roasted bell pepper, basil leaves, crushed almonds and cheese and then seasoned with light soya sauce and grated garlic then I pad each roll with a mix made with dried oregano, salt and bead crumbs cover each roll with a strip of bacon and finally cooked them , also I made cachapas a traditional Venezuelan dish, using a cachapa mix, only add water and you are ready to cook cachapas… my opinion: I prefer the real cachapa made with real corn but this is easy to make so it’s one option if you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

The Cachapa mix

Roasted bell pepper
Another use for electric grill
Cover the steak with cheese, ok, this was to show the fillin
I forgot the bacon , but I added it later hi hi hi


Lucy said...

Faery, sorry to hear about your troubled back, and hope you're recovering nicely.

Your hamburgers & chicken both looking very yummy!!

I've been missing from my blog now for a while, and it's calling to me, so soon I hope to be back myself.

Have a great day! ;-)

Donna said...

SO Sorry about your back sweetheart!!! Hope its better now!!
The food looks Wonderful!
I'll be praying for you and your family's safty!!!
Anything I can send you??? I Will!hughughugs

♥Rosie♥ said...

Faery,I am sorry to hear of your back problems. As a back suffer myself I fully understand!! Please take things steady. Your food looks wonderful.

Hugs Rosie x

Anonymous said...
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