Almidoncitos Or Venezuelan Starch Cookies

Almidoncitos Or Venezuelan Starch Cookies

These past two weeks were so difficult, we started on Thursday with an explosion of the electrical transformers on the electric pole in front of my house, the explosion was huge and my mom and nephew were really scared but I said “gooooool” somehow I knew…the one that got damaged was the one that feeds four blocks…yes, including ours J we spend two and a half days without electric power, on Saturday they “fix” it, Sunday I was with my nephew at home, and a burglar tried to broke into our house but I faced that son..#&$ , he ran away scared (I guess I am too ugly)but in the afternoon he broke into my grandma ’s house, that is next door. Plus every evening we have a power cut of about 4 hours sometimes more, specially at night (guess what, the new transformers the nation bough with our money are now in Nicaragua as a gift from the president of a bunch of people of this country to his friend the president of that country). Last Wednesday my five year old nephew Michele got sick with 40 degrees of fever, chills and he was vomiting too, he denied eating or drinking something different from water, I did not know what to do and was so nervous to see my “Negrito” feeling so bad, we spend 5 hours with him in the clinic, one thing I can not stand is to hold him while the nurse injects him. Thanks God he is fine now, only he does not like to take his medicine…*sigh* ok , to my business: cooking :D
These cookies are traditional in my country they are called Almidoncitos, they can be made of (mandioca )Yuca starch or corn starch. They are delicious, crunchy and they melt in your mouth, this is one of those recipes you want to make every time because they are easy to make and they are really delicious. Also these cookies are good for celiac people.

Michele my nephew with his friend and neighbor Isabel, he says she is his girlfriend

500 gr mandioca starch. *
100 gr corn stach.
250 gr white sugar.
250 gr margarine.
2 large eggs.
½ teaspoon cinnamon powder.
¼ teaspoon clove, ground.
2 tablespoons azahar water (orange blossom )

1- Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, until they are well blended, the dough should be soft but will hold the shape.
2- Form a log and cut every 5 cm and make some desins with a knife on each one.
3- Place in a greased and floured cookie tray and bake until they are ligh brown and feel dry and a bit hard.
4- Let them cool before eating.
5- * Note: you can use corn starch instead of mandioca starch, so you will use 600 gr of corn starch, always add the last 100 gr little by little so you do not end up with a very dry dough


Audax Artifex said...

I really feel for you and the problems that you and your relatives are having. I can't comprehend your strength in these situations. Beautiful work on the cookies look really nice and super easy.

Rosa said...

Tienen que estar deliciosas, miraré a ver si la traducción es buena y pondré la receta en practica.
Un besito preciosa

Donna said...

OhMyWORD!!! SO glad you are SAFE!! You could have been Hurt!!! God is watching over you all!!!!hughugs