Chicken Filled Tortellini and Pesto Sauce

Chicken Filled Tortellini and Pesto Sauce

Today, I cook without a recipe I cook “eye percent” as I call this way of cooking or doing things, when I do not measure…it is great working like this
Let’s say on Saturdays I feel lazy, after 5 days in a row feeling (not that I like) like a tornado and doing things without a decent rest from 6:00 am toooo… let’s say, 9:00 pm, I see Saturdays like my personal oasis. Well today, I said I am not going to the butcher’s and the supermarket .I’ll cook with what is left in the fridge and so I did: there was 1 chicken breast, vegetables, some cream and 4 eggs … I had flour , almonds and parmesan cheese too, I went to the backyard and took some basil leaves and made tortellini filled with chicken and basil pesto, the verdict it: delicious and I stayed at home but tomorrow I’ll have to go to the butcher’s. *SIGH* I NEED A VACATION

For the Filling
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast.
Half medium onion.
Half red bell pepper.
¼ cup chopped green onion.
1 tablespoon cappers.
2 tablespoons cream.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Place all the ingredients in the food processor and process until they are smooth.

For the Dough
3 eggs.
2 ½ cups ap flour.
1 teaspoon water.
1 teaspoon oil.
¼ teaspoon salt.Knead all the ingredients until the dough becomes satiny and smooth, let rest for about 7 minutes.

Then roll the doug as thing as you can, place some small amounts of the filling over it.

Dip your finger in some water and make a line of moisture around the filling,

fold the dough over the filling and cut, finally press the edges with a fork.

Brush off any excess flour on the tortellini before throwing them into the boiling water.

Water, salt and 2 tablepoons oil. whisk the water before trowing the tortellini in, this way you will not end up with a "cluster" of testellini

You will also need white sauce and more parmesan cheese.

In a Pyrex dish, place a layer of white sauce then a layer of tortellini and sprinkle parmesan cheese to taste then repeat the process and then bake it , I wanted mine pale because I decorated it with the pesto as soon as I took it out of the oven

For the Pesto
1 cup basil leaves.
½ cup almonds.
½ cup grated parmesan cheese.
1 big garlic clove.
About 2/3 of a cup of oil. (maybe a bit more)
Place all the ingredients in the food processor and process until they are smooth.

It was kind of tic tac toe

One tortellini cut, I love these colors

With the left over dough my mom made these fried forms and sprinkled some sugar with cinnamon over them, they were delicious . sometimes she fills this forms with mermelade yummmm

So crunchy


Lucy said...

Oooh Faery, these tortellini look amazing and leave me wanting some!

Cooking without a written recipe is how I was taught by my Mom. I also make what we call "bow ties", yours look wonderful! ;-)

Lucy said...

Ooops!!! I forgot to mention that your filling, in combination w/the pesto looks fantastic!

Donna said...

WOW!! This looks WONDERFUL!! How DID you get your eggs to stay put??? I tried that trick once and the eggs fell all over the kitchen!!!Hahaa...hughugs

natalia said...

Ciao ! If this is what you do when you are tired I wonder... ! They are bellissimi !

♥Rosie♥ said...

Faery, your tortellini looks utterly amazing!!

Audax said...

I love visiting your blog always interesting stuff to see since in Australia we don't have much South American food. How weird I did potstickers which is similar to tortellini in a strange way and I did a sweet version a little like your mum's. Yes I like your 'eye ball' recipe go to the pantry see what you have and then go cooking. Go over to my blog and see the chinese tortellini I did. So off to the shops for you tomorrow it sounds like. Enjoy what you have since it is clear that you do have some joy in your life. Cheers