Seadas or Sebadas.

Seadas or Sebadas.

These are one of my Dad’s favorite desserts, he described these delicious cheese filled dough as seadas or sebadas, by that time the web was not like the one we have today, there were no blogs and the web pages did not mention any of this, so I began searching and experimenting until I made what I think is a Seada and now I know why Daddy said they were delicious because they are something more than delicious when I tried one I wanted to eat more and more and the same happened to my nephew who wanted more seadas and we had to make another batch. They are so simple, humble I say, but when you taste them your mouth is filled with flavor, just imagine a golden dough wrapping a soft mass of fresh cheese melted with the scent of lemon peel and all glazed with honey…YUMMMM. Unfortunately I made this recipe too late because Daddy is with God now but I hope he is watching that finally, I “invented” the dough after so many fails.

They do not absorb oil, but...

They absorb all the honey
For the Dough.

250 gr ap flour.
30 gr shortening.
¾ cups of warm water aprox.
1 pinch salt.

For the Filling.

250 gr fresh cheese.
½ lemon or orange peel grated.

1- In a bowl mix the flour, salt and shortening until they resemble bread crumbs then add the water gradually and knead until you make a soft dough, let rest for 30 minutes.
2- Meanwhile mix the cheese and lemon peel.
3- Roll the dough out and cut circles, place a small amount of cheese in the center of the circle cover with other circle and press the sides.
4- Fry in abundant oil, place them over absorbent paper towels.
5- Place them on a plate and add as much honey as you like.


Audax said...

Your pictures are lovely and that shot of the melted cheese inside is mouthwatering - this is such a simple recipe but yields such a great result this is a keeper. It is nice that you think of your Dad when you make them and you have 'invented' the perfect seadas or sebadas yes he would be pleased. And your description sounds so superb "imagine a golden dough wrapping a soft mass of fresh cheese melted with the scent of lemon peel and all glazed with honey.....YUMMMM." yes yes yes yummmm.

O by the way I just posted about my first attempts at macarons (the famous French dessert that everybody raves about but it's notoriously hard to make and very very expensive to buy in Paris they cost $US5 each and in my hometown of Sydney cost $100/kg). I did a reasonable job of it I thought.

I think thinking about you Dad shows that you are feeling better about things yeah for you.


Donna said...

Your Father would be Proud! What kind of cheese it that??? Looks Wonderful!!hughugs

Sophie said...

These not only look delicious but they are beautiful! I would love to blog about these. Can we feature your recipe on our blog? Please email me at sophie@keyingredient.com if you're interested. Thanks!

Lucy said...

Faery, these look amazing and they're something I've never tasted... so thank you for sharing.

Your Dad indeed would be proud!