Daring Bakers' September Challenge


As always I made my challenge two days before the posting date, It was very difficult to complete the challenge this time, I have bronchitis and after two days with fever I fell terrible but this is one of my favorites pastries so I HAD TO do it, as you can see in my previous post I made one of my personal recipes for a flaky dough at the beginning of this month, so I was “in shape” for the challenge…That’s what I thought…the weather was incredible hot, so hot that I thought to myself there will be an earthquake or there will be a storm, I was right in my second prediction and it was like a tornado, our dear soursoup tree felt. my nephew and I were watching the storm in the hallway that is next to that tree and thanks to his dear guardian angel it did not land over the house because we were one and a half meters from the tree, when I realize what could happen to him I almost faint, then “where is Lila?” our dog…she was in her house far from the tree, Then “and The wall?” it was intact, definitely God was watching over us. My mom was in her bedroom so she did not see the tree falling, when I told her, she began to cry and she thanked the tree for shadow, fruits and the protection it kindly gave us (it was a shield for stones thrown from the street, the hallway has big glass windows, so it is a temptation for kids). Well that is a pity it was loaded with fruits…I loved that tree.
I have to say that I like this recipe, although when I read the ingredients I knew that was too much fat for the kind of flour I buy here in my town (it is like a starch) so I used 400 gr instead of 454 gr and it was a bit fatty to my taste, the result : it had many layers and it was crunchy, but greasy and I am sure is due to the ingredients I used and not due to recipe, because the pics in the forum shows beautiful creations, I will try this recipe again but lowering the amount of fat in it.
Thanks Steph for this wonderful challenge, I learnt a lot and even though I was weak for the fever (and causing trouble to my dough) I enjoyed every second of it, thank you, for the recipe click here
The September 2009 Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Steph of A Whisk and a Spoon. She chose the French treat, Vols-au-Vent based on the Puff Pastry recipe by Michel Richard from the cookbook Baking With Julia by Dorie Greenspan.


Filled Flaky Dough.

Filled Flaky Dough.
I may not post my recipes in the future since people in my country has been copying them and publishing without my permission, I may say that most of these recipe are of my own, I never expected this to happen. But they are available only for my friends :)
These do not have a name yet, but they are flaky and crunchy outside and very soft and spongy inside, I suppose this dough is perfect for croissants and it can be filled with savory or sweet preparations. I filled them with strawberry jam and for my mom cinnamon and Splenda.
The dough is made with shortening, like Crisco, but is not heavy because it needs less fat than other kind of dough.


Sweet Bread Cluster and Home made Guava Marmalade .

Sweet Bread Cluster
Home made Guava Marmalade.

At home, we love these buns, they are not so sweet, moist and very soft but the best part is that they are so easy to make. I created this recipe trying to imitate the ones I eat at my grade school.
Not much to say today, I guess this depression is hard to overcome. My country is getting worst, the cure is so far away if there is one. It is like when you are caught in the undertow, it does not matter how much you struggle to get rid of it, you will get nowhere.

Home made Guava Marmalade.

450 fresh pulp of guava and the same amount of white sugar and 2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (add it when you finish cooking the marmalade)
Cook until it it changes its color, bubbles like hell and smells like heaven… or you taste it on a cold saucer and if it does not run much it is ready.

The fierce crocodile is getting ready to attack