Sweet Bread Cluster and Home made Guava Marmalade .

Sweet Bread Cluster
Home made Guava Marmalade.

At home, we love these buns, they are not so sweet, moist and very soft but the best part is that they are so easy to make. I created this recipe trying to imitate the ones I eat at my grade school.
Not much to say today, I guess this depression is hard to overcome. My country is getting worst, the cure is so far away if there is one. It is like when you are caught in the undertow, it does not matter how much you struggle to get rid of it, you will get nowhere.

Home made Guava Marmalade.

450 fresh pulp of guava and the same amount of white sugar and 2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (add it when you finish cooking the marmalade)
Cook until it it changes its color, bubbles like hell and smells like heaven… or you taste it on a cold saucer and if it does not run much it is ready.

The fierce crocodile is getting ready to attack


Donna said...

Oh! These look delicious!! You've really been Working this week!! Have a great day sweetie!!hughugs

Lucy said...

First, it's great to see that your back and with some lovely inspiration. The color of the guava marmalade looks wonderful and of course your sweet bread looks heavenly, these two simply go together so perfectly ... kudos!!


Lucy said...

opps! I forgot to mention your nephew... I love how he's waiting so patiently for his treat ;-)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow...those are some delectably delish looking buns.....love that guva marmalade.....u r nephew is very cute...love the way is hiding to taste some...

Sophie said...

Wow! These look fantastic, definitely bakery worthy. :)

Anonymous said...

where are the ingredients for the sweet bread cluster?

Faery said...

Uuuupss! is not ther I'll try to fix it.I'm having some troubles with my blog.

Anonymous it would be so nice to know your name and where are you wrinting from.