faery Mocha Dessert

Faery Mocha Dessert.

Ok I don’t know what is happening to me, but bronchitis wasn’t gone when my larynx began to hurt and now I have laryngitis, my Goodness….nothing works for me, I might be an alien (E.T. phone Dr House..er..home)
Well I made this to share with some friends it is very easy to make, you know…I feel kind of lazy (so many antibiotics, antihistaminic drugs, syrups, beverages, home medicines, pills, witchcraft….ooops) *cough* *cough* *cough* sorry…Again
I made a sponge cake, mocha pudding and coffee-marsala wine syrup to soak the cake. But you can buy lady fingers (savoiardi) and box pudding and prepare it according to the instructions.
I sliced my sponge cake trying to make very slim slices, I placed a layer of cake slices soaked them with the coffee-marsala wine syrup then a layer of mocha pudding and then I sprinkle dark cocoa powder over the pudding layer, repeat the process until all ingredients are used and finally cover the dessert with an Italian meringue and place in the refrigerator until very cold (better overnight). According to my friends it was delicious (my opinion too and scent of the dessert yummmmm ).


Karine said...

I hope you will feel better soon. Being sick is really not fun.

What a great cake! It looks delicious :)

Audax said...

Sickness go away from friend now!!!!!! Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather. Keep up the fluids and keep warm.

Lovely looking Faery Mocha Dessert it is similar to Tiramisu but I love the idea of coffee pudding. And your sandwich bread is so good looking you are a great bread maker. I love making bread and your dough looks perfect and that proving dough is perfection. You are very skilled and the addition of malt powder is a great idea I think I will do that from now on.

Cheers from your mate in Australia, Audax. (Mate means a good friend in Australian slang.)

Lucy said...

Maybe that witchcraft could be the answer LOL! Hope you're feeling better...

and this dessert is off the charts, sounds yummy!!

Lucy said...

Here's a remedy that may help your laryngitis:
tea, lemon, honey, & ginger... actually hope you're feeling better and you don't need this.

Audax said...

Hope you are feeling better. Are you OK? (((Hugs)))) Audax