Faery’s Monkey Pizza.

I was reading one old recipe book that belongs to my mom and I read this beautiful recipe called “Monkey Bread” I was so curious about it and I wanted to make it right away, the problem was I had a dough raising but this dough was salty so I could not use it to make sweet bread …. So I though to myself if I make a salty monkey bread, using sauce instead of syrup, well I continue with my idea and came up with a “Monkey Pizza” it was delicious, soft and with all the sauce an cheese surrounding every piece of this weird pizza. You can use store bought dough or canned Neapolitan sauce, here your imagination is the limit. For my Pizza I made smoked bacon, garlic an tomato extract (no oil) an a kind of cheese that gets very soft but that does not melt when it is hot this is similar to Monterrey jack

My bread dough.
250 cc milk. (Luke warm).
60 gr butter.
2 eggs.
2 teaspoons salt.
400 gr all purpose flour.
160 gr self raising flour.
1 tablespoon malt extract (or honey)
1 tablespoon instant yeast.

1- Mix the malt extract, yeast and milk.
2- Place the rest of the ingredients in a bowl add the prepared milk and make a ough, then kneed until you have a soft, silky elastic dough.
3- Let rest until it doubles its volume, place over a floured surface an with your hands press down gently to deflate the dough.
4- Cut stripes of dough and then cut each stripe to make small pieces of dough.
5- The place sauce and dough in a bowl and toss, really gently, using your hands.
6- Place the seasoned dough in a cake pan an let raise until it doubles its volume.
7- Bake at 200°C until you see the sides of the pizza are light brown.


Audax said...

Monkey bread pizza you are too good. Wonderful idea and the final dish looks so tasty good use of the salty dough you are so clever. Well done. Love all the photos makes it very easy to understand the process.

Audax said...
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Donna said...

It Does sound delicious!!! Hope you're well and safe sweetie!! Things are not going so well here either...hughugs

Sophie said...

This is such a neat recipe! I bet kids would love putting it together. Looks very tasty!

Karine said...

A monkey bread? This is the first time I hear about that!

Your pizza sounds delicious! thanks for sharing:)

Lucy said...

This looks so good! I am familiar the sweet monkey bread, which is delicious ! Loving this pizza tasting monkey bread! Wonderful!!!

Hope you're feeling better.