As I have to be quiet, try not to talk too much, I decided to get in the kitchen and began to work on the “perfect” formula for my panettone and pandoro this is the second batch of panettone, I think this is THE recipe, everybody said it was delicious and they all said that I should make and sell them because they are better than the ones they find in the supermarket or the bakeries…may be those are not FRESH ha ha ha. Well to be honest I like these panettoni a lot because they smell like Christmas, they are moist and they are so soft, like a sponge.

I began with this very hard and almost dry dough
After I added the other ingredients, while it was resting

The fruits

The weather was too hot for this buttery dough

Third time resting...so lazy dough

Resting againg...

Ready to get in the oven


Resting overnight.
On the door: finger paint, on the wall: butter "paint?" author: Michele

The next morning...ta daaaa

Whith chocolate syrup is even better

A sponge...


Lucy said...

Ooooh Faery, your panettone looks totally awesome! And they do look so light & moist, they are a Christmas tradition here to!

Theresa said...

Faery, what a great job. Looks absolutely delicious. I love panettone!!

Donna said...

How Beautiful!!! Looks Delicious Sweetie!!!hughugs

aquadaze said...

absolutely perfect panettone! Delicious :)

Lucy said...

Faery, you've inspired me to make some panettone... my sleepy dough is in phase one, at this rate I expect to bake the panettone on Tuesday morning. Thank you for posting ;-)

Audax said...

Lovely looking panettone and that picture of them hanging is so cool it made me LOL LOL. YOur are so clever well done. OBTW I have just posted my sushi challenge for the Daring Cooks' I think you might like it the first photo is for you especially. Wonderful texture you got in the cake. Cheer from Audax in Australia.

Donna said...

Just checking on you sweetheart!!hughugs