Corn and Cheese sticks (Venezuelan)

Corn and Cheese Sticks (Venezuelan)

Well I think I getting better now, this is taking time but as my brother says “depression leads to illness” I have been depress, maybe for this time of the year I get to think a lot, about my dad and now my grandma and my aunt, my grandma was born on December 31 a bit after 12:00 a.m. so after we said bye to the old year and hello to the new one we also say happy birthday to my dear grandma, my aunt was always happy and loved Christmas time, and my dad he was my strength I miss him so much, it’s been five years now but I can take this pain away from me, it’s been hard to accept that this is a normal part of being alive, I miss his bear hugs, competing from the traffic light to the house to see who got first, boxing with him, teaching him about stars and constellations and trying to convince him that I was an alien. There are so many things to remember every single second he was like a kid, like a bear, like Fred Flintstone too, HE WAS A HERO AND THE BEST DAD.

I love when this happens

2 cups corn flour.
2 tablespoons wheat all purpose flour.
2 tablespoons corn oil.
2 ¼ warm water.
1 ½ teaspoon salt.
2 tablespoons White or brown sugar.
White cheese sticks (or feta cheese).
Oil for frying .

1-Place all the ingredients in a bowl and knead very well, let rest 5 minutes.
2- Place your bag on the counter and spread some drops of oil and water on it (do this for every empanada you will make but for the rest use water only).
3- Heat the oil. Make a ball with the dough and place on the palm of your hand pad on it to flatten it, make an oval shape and place a cheese stick in the center of the flattened dough overlap the sides and close the ends and roll between your hand to make a nice dough log, deep fry them, they are ready when they have a golden brown color, continue like this until you fry all of them.
Note: This the same dough for empanadas without the grated cheese, you can see it here

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Donna said...

I'm SO Sorry sweetie...I miss my Dad as well...It just hurts, doesn't it...((((((((HUG)))))))))