Hello, I’m back….

So many things happened during December. I think I owe an explanation about my absence, first I was working hard because my mom and I made panettone and pan de jamón (ham filled bread, a tradition during Christmas time) for sale, then I had the “great” idea of “refreshing” the kitchen but I did not want cement, noise, and construction workers in the house, besides the kitchen had a sing that said “stressed out women at work” I could not use that kind of refreshment, so I did it myself…how…with auto adhesive paper called deco-wall. It was easy to install buuuuut I took time and I was tired fortunately my friend Hector gave me a hand; we painted and cleaned the house and kitchen. Meanwhile I was also decorating the Christmas tree, the fireplace (yes, with this hot hot weather but Mike said that Santa needed one, so I made one), the nativity or pesebre (I made 4 pesebres) and other Christmas decorations and cushion cases for the kitchen chairs. also I made two cakes for Mike’s school and had to attend a Christmas party with Santa (there I almost end up killing Santa and the school principal too) the experience was so bad that I took him out of the party , how? I told him we’d go to MacDonald’s and I’d allow him to play in the “MacGames” (I don’t like MacDonald’s play grown) he accepted immediately.
Then we had so many more things to do, like Hallacas a traditional dish for Christmas time. We had Christmas dinner then new years eve dinner and on January 2 this small family became a big family because my brother and his small family came home, we celebrated his birthday on Thursday 7, my mom made pizza, I made hamburger buns, jello, flan and the cake, my brother made hamburger patties and his wife grilled them, but the worst job was to peel off the quail eggs. Them my LOVE Michele got sick with a very high fever (lower 38.5°C – higher40°C), then his doctor asked for a blood test we were so worried because he was dehydrated due to he was vomiting too but the nurse (God bless her) was so good that she took the sample in only one movement, that evening his hands and feet began to itch and He, his mom and I spend three nights without sleep, the pediatrician said it was dengue (dengue fiver or break bones fever). Thanks God he is fine now, he wants to eat and drink, and he sleeps well, no itching, he wants to play with his dog and with his wii (he says in good English: Wii sports resort).
Chronology in pictures:

This began on November and finished on December 30

One cake for Mike's school

...a cake for Mike

First meeting at the school

I began to decorate the christmas tree and the fireplace

It seems there is more paint on me that on the wall
Snack. white chocolate mousse and cherry filling

another snack...he he he. I will post the recipe for this pan de jamón

the refreshment and some of the "tools",they look like real tiles


Mike's school's cake for christmas party.

Second Meeting. Santa and Michele. We bought a beautiful present for Mike when he got in the school the gift wasn't there and the principal began to shoul where did you put Michele's gift to one of the assistants so Mike realized the truth about Santa and in shock, then I had to convince him that Santa does exists.

Isa and Mike at MacDonalds. they got stuck in the tunnel with about six more kids.

they look like children of the corn movie, don't they? brrr

I began the christmas crafts, makin poinssettias.I am thinkg of making a blog to show my hand crafts including Mike's piñatas

Mmmm my favorite snack, mini panettone with nutella

I finished two of the ornaments

My favorite sauce: Donnas mustard sauce

The fireplace...

Mike's letter asking for his toys...

Christmas eve, the tree

The Pesebre

hurricane Mike hit here

The chicken salad

(should be made with hen to be a christmas tradition, but I love hens so...)

Mike, his new friend and the cake for new year celebration

Hallacas, I will post this recipe too

My brother's new pet "jack Sparrow", his daughter rescued this kitty.

but they call it "the Grinch" it seems he hates christmas because destroyed their christmas decorations and my pesebre

Pizza for my brother's birthday.January 7


Hamburguer buns, so soft

My burguer

The cake

My sister's birthday cake, sacher like torte.January 13


Audax said...

WOW so so many things your have done and experienced my head is spinning all the food looks wonderful as usual I really liked the Birthday cake you really do love your family I can tell. And your photography is getting better wonderful effort and the 'dressing up' of your house is always a good thing. And your love has break bones fever I'm so glad he is over it now. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

Lucy..♥ said...

WOW!! what an accomplishment, everything looks amazing, no wonder you've been exhausted! ;-) A labor of LOVE!!! I see Michele enjoyed it al, you're the best!!

I too have been extremely busy, exhausted, and just overwhelmed. I decided for the time being that I will take a holiday from blogging until I can devote time to it. Hopefully soon..

Donna said...

WOW!!!! I LOVE it ALL Sweetie! And the kitchen redo! Looks great!
I always thought Your winter monts were like Our winter monts but I guess not! You're hot while We're cold in Dec!
What a difference 2 thousand miles makes!