Ham Bread

Ham Bread

I have been so busy lately, I am making a piñata… yes and cotillones, a chupetera, party decorations and other stuff for my nephew’s party, he chose Ben 10 as his party’s theme, this is a custom of Latin Americans but I think that in other countries piñatas are beginning to appear in parties too, piñatas are mostly used in kids parties they are very easy to make but they are time consuming that is why I begin 2 weeks ahead of time. I love making piñatas and I was thinking of making a blog to show how I make pull string piñatas and other crafts but…I don’t know…what do you think? Would you like to learn this?
This is the recipe I should have posted on December because it is a Christmas tradition in Venezuela and is called Pan de Jamón .

You need:
1- Slightly sweet bread dough (your favorite recipe or store bought).
2- Ham.
3- Bacon.
4- Raisins.
5- Olives.
6- Toasted almonds (optional)
7- Candied fruit (optional. Our personal touch)
8- Egg +honey to brush the bread.
1- Roll the dough and place the ham over the dough.
2- Then place the bacon over the ham and sprinkle the raisins and olives, almonds and candied fruit.
3- Fold the sides over the filling and apply water with a brush or your fingers on the folded sides, begin to roll the bread (like for a jelly roll), then apply water on the border of the dough (to seal all the sides) and roll.
4- Place on a greased baking sheet and let the bread raise until it doubles its size.
5- Brush the bread with the egg honey mixture and bake until golden brown and when you pad on the bread it makes a hollow sound.


Donna said...

Yes! Start another blog! It's fun to do different things!
LOVE this recipe!!

natalia said...

How wonderful this bread is ! You should submitt it to the Bread Baking Day #27 http://www.canelaycomino.com/2010/02/bread-baking-day-27-hosted-here/
and I would love to learn how to make pinatas and more from you !!!