A Venezuelan Filled Pastry.

Last Thursday, my sister and I decided to take my nephew Michele to the cinema to watch Alice in wonderland, we invited our friend Hector and his niece Isabel to come with us, besides Isa is Michele’s best friend, neighbor and he says she is his fiancĂ©e , he was so excited to go the cinema. We had a great time there. what came next is what I want to share.

The night was really dark and the moon looked like the smile of the cat in the movie, that called my attention, we were walking in the parking lot in front of the mall, when my nephew realized there was something really weird but that sounded like fun, he said “LOOK” “LOOK” “LOOK” and began to run in that direction thanks Good I was holding his hand, we had no choice but to go there, it was an amusement park, so big, so beautiful, plenty of lights and games, when we got there we were stayed in awe, it was unbelievable, I guess our jaws were wide open for a while, an amusement park after soooooo many years in our town, maybe they were lost and accidentally landed here, or we were dreaming, or we were abducted by aliens. My head was spinning my sister and I though about our daddy (he loved to take us to amusement parks and the circus, he always keep his inner child alive). Well, the kids had a great time there too, I, well, I had mixed feelings my second thought was a movie called “The Brave” with Johnny Deep, the weather was dry, filled with smoke (there are fires around the town), the smell of the amusement park power machines, the smell of cotton candy, dust, music and people laughing and shouting so I felt so bad…Why?...I don’t know…maybe due to the political situation in my country, then I sharked my head and forgot about those feelings and began to enjoy too. When I got home, mom (she doesn’t like the cinema), was happy listening all he stories we were (all at once) telling her. Then I took my FOURTH shower of the day and sat in my room, turned on the TV and opened my dear cotton candy bag oooh the scent brought back so many memories of my childhood and daddy…while I pulled a bit of the cotton candy I got this hart shaped form. The heart of an angel called daddy, I though to myself, maybe that amusement park was his idea. By the way, we went back again for more fun last Saturday. Some pics follow the recipe.


3 cups all purpose flour.

3 tablespoons oil.

1 whole egg.

1 egg yolk.

¾ cup of water.

2 tablespoons powder milk.

¼ teaspoon baking soda.

½ teaspoon salt.

1 tablespoon sugar.


White cheese grated or a meat, chicken or fish hash. I the Andean region they add cooked rice to the any of the mentioned fillings.

1- Mix all the ingredients until it becomes a dough, then knead until the dough is smooth and elastic, let rest for 20 minutes.

2- Roll the dough, it should be thin and cut circles the size you want, place some filling in the center, brush the sides with water, cover with other rolled dough circle, close the sides with a fork and deep fry them. Place on paper towel. So easy but so delicious.

The dough can be rolled out two times only, but the left over dough can be fried too and then sprinkle some sugar on the fried dough if you wish.

He dressed himself or Too much Cartoon Network

In front of te Mall

My head was literally spinning


Close encounter of the third kind.

Just like his aunt.

we need a hero. Mike and Mom


Ride a horse..but ride a hare?

I loved this horse

The roller coaster. Great!

I hate that caterpillar! looks like one classmate.

Smile moon

The wave, it was too fast

Extreme! Oh yea!

A real faery allways finds mushrooms.

Cotton Candy Heart.


Morellocherry said...

Looks really magical!! I really liked the pics of those delisious looking pastries

Donna said...

Wow! looks like you all had a FUN time Sweetie!!
Hang in there!!
I also LOVE your music!!!!!!

Lucy..♥ said...

Appears that a wonderful evening was enjoyed by all. Michele, is one handsome little guy and your pastry looks so good too!

Hugs !!

pass said...
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