Sweet Bread Ring with Fig and Walnut

Sweet Bread Ring filled with fig and walnut.

I made this bread inspired in my brother because he likes figs, the bread is delicious, soft and the scent of figs and cinnamon baking is so good. The situation in my country is the same and I think this will get worst. I am depressed so I got in the kitchen to relax and “invent new things”. I hope this makes someone happy.


400 gr all purpose flour.

200 gr self raising flour.

100 gr sugar

1 tablespoon instant yeast.

5 gr salt.

1 whole egg.

1 egg yolk.

5o gr butter or margarine.

¼ cup heavy ream.

1 cup milk.

1 teaspoon malt extract.

1 tablespoon vanilla extract.

1 tablespoon butter extract.

Fig Filling:

1 cup figs in syrup cut into very small cubes.

1 tablespoon dark rum.

½ tablespoon vanilla extract


1 cup walnut, finely chopped.

Fig syrup.

1- Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and wish to combine them all.

2- Dissolve the malt extract in the milk then mix all the wet ingredients and add to the flour, mix until you have dough, the place this dough on a lightly floured table and knead until the dough is elastic and soft.

3- Place the dough in a bowl and cover with a plastic bag; let the dough rest until it doubles its initial volume.

4- Deflate the dough and divide it in two equal parts, roll one of them and spread the fig over the rolled dough and sprinkle the walnut over the fig, the roll the dough until you have a log then gently press with your hands all over the log.

5- Cut the log in two parts length wise, carefully braid the two parts and form a ring, place on a greased and floured tray, let rise covered until it doubles its size.

6- With the rest of the dough you can make some cinnamon rolls, only spread some butter over the rolled dough and sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon, roll and cut portions of about 3 centimeters wide place on a greased floured tray and rest until they double their size.

7- Bake until the they are golden brown but take care not to let them too much in the over like I did (talking on the phone hi hi)

8- When the ring is baked brush it with some of the fig syrup.

For the fig filling.

Mix all the ingredients very well, I did this when the dough was raising so the figs absorbed the rum and vanilla extract.

Cinnamon rolls topping.

4 tablespoons butter.

¾ cup icing sugar.

1 teaspoon cinnamon.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Mix all the ingredients very well and place over the rolls a soon as to take them out of the oven.


Donna said...

...I am NOW HAPPY!!!Hahaa....WoW!! I'll bet these tasted Great!!!
Have a safe day sweetie!!

Marcellina said...

Beautiful sweet bread. I love the way you rolled it.

Audax said...

You made me HAPPY that is a wonderful fig bread ring I love your process of producing the ring. The pictures show everything so simply. Your photographs are so good they are very clear. Sorry to hear about the situation in your country I can only hope it gets better.

Bravo your breads are your real strength. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.