Tunjas, Venezuelan Sweet Buns

Tunjas, Venezuelan Sweet Buns

Well not a single good news about my country. Here, things aren’t bad enough so they can always get worst. : s

Lucy this is the bread I told you by email, it is made in Andean region of my country and Lara State, and it is very sweet but delicious, what I like most about this bread is the scent while it is in the oven, the name of these buns is Tunjas (Tunja, singular form). These buns are made with anise seeds but I did not use them for this recipe I added pineapple essence instead, about ¼ teaspoon and wow! it gave a special touch to this recipe.

After the buns are formed they have to rise until they double their size, which in my hot weather town took about 4 hours because the dough is a bit heavy but after you bake then they have a compact but moist and soft texture, I place the tray with the raised buns in the oven without preheating it at a temperature of 180°C and 10 minutes later I spray water toward the bottom of the oven after that I check if they are done when they have a golden color.

With fresh cheese, Venezuelan white cheese and Guava marmalade


1000 gr ap flour.

310 gr water.

10 gr salt.

250 gr sugar. (you can use less if you want, about 180 gr)

70 gr butter or margarine.

20 gr powder milk.

2 eggs.

1 tablespoon instant yeast.

3 tablespoons anise seeds.

½ tablespoon good quality vanilla extract.

½ teaspoon malt extract.

½ teaspoon baking soda.

½ tablespoon baking powder.

Extra sugar for sprinkle.

Egg wash:

1 egg

2 tablespoon water.

Mix well all ingredients for the egg wash.


1- Mix all wet ingredients.

2- Mix all dry ingredients.

3- Mix 1 and 2 and KNEAD, boy! You have to knead a lot until you have a smooth and elastic dough. Let this dough rest for 45 minutes. Covered with a bowl.

4- For your buns the size of a golf ball and place them on greased floured tray, let them rise until they double their size and brush with egg wash and sprinkle with sugar then cut on top and bake as I explained above.

I hope you all enjoy these delicious and traditional sweet buns.


Walnut Caramel Tart.

Walnut Caramel Tart.

My eternal confusion... is this a pie or a tart?.

We are worried about our country so many things are being said in the streets and written in the newspapers. Please join me in prayer for the sake of Venezuela.

The weather was too hot and I cut this when it was still hot
so I did not place the scoop of icream on top for the pic

Tart Shell.

2 ½ cups all purpose flour.

½ cup corn starch.

½ cup + 2 tablespoons margarine or butter.

1- With a whisk or the tip of your fingers mix all the ingredients until they look like bread crumbs.

2- Distribute these crumbs all over a tart pan and press with a measuring cup until the edge and bottom of the pan are covered, chill for 30 minutes.

3- Prick the bottom of the tart shell with a fork and bake for 20 minute at 190 °C.

Tart Filling.

250 gr. Walnut (coarsely chopped).

1 can sweetened condensed milk.

1 tablespoon maple syrup.

1 teaspoon butter or vanilla essence. (Optional)

½ cup salted butter or margarine.

½ cup brown sugar.

1- Place sugar, butter, maple syrup and sweetened condensed milk in a heavy bottomed sauce pan and cook always stirring for about 20 minutes.

2- Add the walnuts and let rest for about 10 minutes then add the butter essence and ´pour in the pre baked pie shell.

3- Bake until the caramel looks thick and is golden brown.

4- Let cool room temperature and cool in refrigerator before eating.