The Pabellón. A true Venezuelan.

The Pabellón. A true Venezuelan.

I have been very busy cleaning the house and “decorating” the new “sewing room”, I need a place for most of my projects and a table for making and cutting patterns, Christmas crafts, Michele’s piñatas and others, also because I promise to make a blog to show my “creations” ha ha .

I cooked Pabellón a tradition Venezuelan dish, I am from the north-east part of Venezuela so here we eat the black beans sweet…yes sweet but there is an explanation for this. This part of the country is very rich in petroleum so many American engineers came to this part of the country to extract petroleum, when the locals offered them food they loved the food but not the black beans so they added sugar to the beans and this custom was adapted for most of the dishes with beans. The beans are kind of sweet but not as sweet as a dessert.In the ingredients we use sweet chili which is neither sweet nor hot; although it looks like a habanero chili.

Ingredients for the pulled meat.

1 ½ kilo meat. (brisket)

½ carrot.

1 sweet chili.

1 small onion.

For the black beans:

500 gr black beans.

For the hash:

All these ingredients to your taste but consider you need a hash for two different preparations, so you’ll need: finely chopped: green onion, onion, sweet chili, carrot, bell pepper, garlic (I used 10 cloves of garlic), parsley and coriander. Mustard, 2 teaspoons tomato paste, 2 tablespoons ketchup, soya sauce, Worcestershire, 2 chicken bouillons cubes. Grinded: Black pepper, cumin, dried oregano, smoked paprika. 3 or 4 tablespoons white sugar.


For the meat: Place the meat and the other ingredient in a pressure pot, cook until the meat is tender, when it is done let cool and shred the meat by hand.

For the beans: the day before, sort the beans to discard any dirty or broken beans, then wash, place them in a bowl with water (three times the volume of beans) then drain the water, repeat this three times, then let the beans soak in water overnight, early in the morning drain the water and rinse, place in a pot and cook for 20 minutes then drain the water and add cold water and bring to a boil again, repeat this step thee times then add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and cook until they are tender, or use a pressure pot. I do this in order to make the beans lighter … digestible.

Take two pots, one for meat and one for beans in the pot for meat add 4 tablespoons oil, cumin, garlic, sweet chili, cook for 1 minute then add onion, carrot, green onion, bell pepper, parsley, coriander, mustard and tomato paste and cook for three minutes then add the pulled meat, one bouillion cube, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and ½ cup water, cover with a lid and simmer for 5-8 minutes cover medium heat.

in the pot for beans add 4 tablespoons oil, cumin, garlic, sweet chili, cook for 1 minute then add onion, green onion, bell pepper, parsley, coriander, mustard and ketchup, cook for three minutes then add the beans, one bouillion cube, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and enough water to cover the beans, cover with a lid and simmer for 7 minutes over medium heat, then add the sugar and simmer for five minutes or until liquid is reduce by half

Serve this dish with white rise (simply boiled in salted water) and fried plantains also you can add some Casabe ( it is like a cracker made out of yuca) which along with the arepas are the typical Venezuelan breads


Donna said...

Oh! This looks Wonderful! Bet it was delicious!
I Love the look of your blog!! Beautiful!
Stay safe Sweetie!!

creative jenny said...

Woh Faery!!!! what an interesting post. I look forward to see your new creations. You are very talented and your pictures always impress me. The pabellon: so interesting to learn about the origin of the sugar. IN our family, we always sprinkled the beans with sugar and a dash of olive oil....por favor mandame tu direccion para escribirte por separado ya que me gustaria hacer unos comentarios (privado). Gracias por compartir esta magnifica receta!

Lucy..♥ said...

Faery, this looks scrumptious, I must try this. I've had a Cuban version of this and loved it!!

I cannot wait to see your creations ;-)

Audax said...

Faery WOW another marvellous Venezuelan recipe Pabellón it looks so good and I bet it was delicious. Great to hear about the new 'sewing' room, it is always so interesting to hear about new recipe and 'sweet' black beans sounds so intriguing I use black beans a lot in my cooking so I will try that next time, and you change the water so often when cooking the beans! And I just love the photos as always well done on this recipe. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

OBTW I'm in New Zealand for a short holiday cI will post the photos when I get back; <3<3<3