The Daring Bakers September Challenge.Basic Sugar Cookies

The Daring Bakers September Challenge.

Basic Sugar Cookies

Well I really loved this challenge, because it was easy and delicious and I had a lot of fun decorating my cookies. At the beginning I hade a problem because the dough was too soft so I had to add two extra cups flour after it was perfect and not so sweet which was perfect because the icing is very sweet. Thanks so much Mandy. The recipe here

I’m also happy because we had a victory in yesterday’s elections, there were too many troubles and violent groups trying to make us stay home but we went out and voted, then it was another trap that I don’t know how to explain but we got more votes but fewer congressmen …. Well it doesn’t matter what they did we can control the dictator now and we got 52% of the votes, they got a very low percentage because the abstention was very important.

Beetlejuice's Christmas tree hahahaxD 

Homemade chocolate sweetened condensed milk


Sweet Bread Roll Filled with Plantain Marmalade.

Sweet Bread Roll Filled with Plantain Marmalade.

The post is up, finally. Well this Faery is getting ready to vote; next Sunday… We are very hopeful that we are giving the first step into liberty, Why? Because what you see in the street are persons with a great desire to vote, vote for freedom, democracy, justice, for the right to live, for the right to be the owner s of our own homes etc, although we know the government will cheat, they are cheating now with a huge and dirty campaign we already know how this works.

This recipe is very easy all you need is sweet bread dough (recipe here) or your favorite recipe and plantain marmalade.recipe follow the pics...so many pics but that way you understnd my English ha ha ha

Dark skin

Or you can make these forms filled with plantain mamalade too

Plantain marmalade.


3 very ripe plantains (dark skin).

1 cup sugar.

1 cup water

2 tablespoons butter.

¼ teaspoon ground clove.

A pinch of cinnamon.

A generous pinch of salt

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

1- In a saucepan place the plantains, sugar and butter, cook until they begging to get golden brown and the sugar is dissolved.

2- Then blend all this and return it into the saucepan add water , clove and cinnamon

Cook over low heat until it becomes thick.

3- Let cool and add the vanilla and lemon.

4- Roll the sweet bred dough and spread the plantain marmalade over the dough leaving space, only one side, without marmalade to close.

5- Fold over the filling the other three sides and brush all the sides with water, then roll like for a jelly roll and place on a tray (greased and floured) with the seam down.

6- Let rest until it doubles its volume, brush with beaten egg plus water and sprinkle some sugar over the bread.

7- Bake 180 °C until it produces a hollow sound when you tap the bottom crust.


Fried Plantain.

This is a recipe I love, because I love plantain, because is very crunchy, because is easy to make and because is delicious.

You can use only plantain  or plantain combined with cheese, or garlic, oregano, bacon strips…your imagination is the limit…


Green plantain (I prefer those that are beginning to take a yellowish color, not so green but definitely not ripe…not even close to an almost ripe plantain, capisci?)

Salt to taste.

One clove of garlic.

Canola or corn oil .

White cheese (use one that is not very moist or your sauce pan will become a volcano)

Peel off the plantains; cut off both ends and run the tip of a knife along the plantain between the meet of the plantain and the peel (skin), the peel will crack because it is not soft at this point of ripeness

You can also help this process with your finger, try no to leave any peel on the plantain meet.

Shred the plantain and the cheese and grate the garlic.

With the tip of your fingers toss all the ingredients together and make small cones with the grated plantain DO NOT press the cones because they wont fry very well, you don’t need to press this plantain dough because it is very sticky…you will feel the stickiness in your finger I promise.

Deep fry until they are golden brown place them over paper towel and sprinkle with salt.
This is fav sauce pan that I use only for deep frying.

Warning: these are highly addictive

Enjoy :9