Fried Plantain.

This is a recipe I love, because I love plantain, because is very crunchy, because is easy to make and because is delicious.

You can use only plantain  or plantain combined with cheese, or garlic, oregano, bacon strips…your imagination is the limit…


Green plantain (I prefer those that are beginning to take a yellowish color, not so green but definitely not ripe…not even close to an almost ripe plantain, capisci?)

Salt to taste.

One clove of garlic.

Canola or corn oil .

White cheese (use one that is not very moist or your sauce pan will become a volcano)

Peel off the plantains; cut off both ends and run the tip of a knife along the plantain between the meet of the plantain and the peel (skin), the peel will crack because it is not soft at this point of ripeness

You can also help this process with your finger, try no to leave any peel on the plantain meet.

Shred the plantain and the cheese and grate the garlic.

With the tip of your fingers toss all the ingredients together and make small cones with the grated plantain DO NOT press the cones because they wont fry very well, you don’t need to press this plantain dough because it is very sticky…you will feel the stickiness in your finger I promise.

Deep fry until they are golden brown place them over paper towel and sprinkle with salt.
This is fav sauce pan that I use only for deep frying.

Warning: these are highly addictive

Enjoy :9


Donna said...

UhhhhhhOhhhhh! This looks Yummyyyy!!!

Lucy..♥ said...

Oh Faery I know for a fact that my daughter will love the plantains made this way..... I love those crispy pieces!! Thank you for sharing this recipe :-)

Have fun with your little papucho at karate & swimming classes.....