The Daring Bakers November Challenge:
Hello I finally finished, it is almost midnight, my crostatas are pale, because we are nor receiving the normal percentage of gas, (why? Presidential orders, we have to suffer while the monkey is giving away our money) so it took the crostatas more than one hour to bake…sad but true.

Well I made a variation because it was allowed; I made chocolate pasta frolla, filled with nutella and caramelized bananas for my sister who wanted this combination…(bananas with nutella, no way the bananas would spoil the nutella in my opinion). A big crostata filled with caramel custard and peaches. And the most important pasta frolla without sugar but with splenda, peaches with splenda for my mom who doest not like eating sugar, she is not diabetic but his “sugar blood levels” rose a bit long time ago so she does not eat sweets. And also frolla alfajores filled with homemade dulce de leche…this is an international post because there are words in Spanish, English and Italian, haa!

Thanks so much Simona from Briciole for this challenge, I learnt, I played and I #&%$*+&# the government. Recipe here