Bread Recipe

Well if some time ago my country was politically a mess today it is worst and not even worth talking about it, it is disgusting and makes me sad but on the other hand I have HOPE, I PRAY and I know next year WE VOTE (only, I hope they don’t cheat, as they always do)

I saw a recipe that called my attention The other day, it was a bread recipe and as I am a fan of kneading and baking bread I decided to try it, the result was amazing, it was moist, soft and yummy, it was on site, I made my own variations, now it IS delicious and even more delicious what you prepare with this bread.
Unfortunately due to copy and paste from people from my own country (they are even on facebook) I cannot write the recipe, they are copying not only the recipe but the pictures and adding them to their sites as they are the creators...I am sharing the recipe by request via email.
I even shut the blog down  for a second and send "invitations " to my contacts but then I though WHY? why should I shut it down just because some people are very abusive..well no, I won't shut it down I'll keep my blog open and sharing my recipes but this way...


Audax said...

Can you sent your invite again for some reason it didn't work (my fault this time!) and your bread looks so light and airy well done. Luv Audax, I hope the elections go well.

Lis said...

That bread looks so yummy!!! I love the pull apart loaf! And your coffee cake below looks fabulous too! You always do such an amazing job :)

When are you going to start posting your finished challenges in the private forum? I would love to highlight some of your photos in the slider each month on The Daring Kitchen, sweetie! :)


Donna said...

If there's an Invite...I want one too!!
You have my email address don't you? If not, I'll check back here for your reply...
Some people have NO Shame! BUT, Karma will get them!
Lord, this looks good!! I want the recipe!!
Stay safe sweet friend!