Butternut Squash Gnocchi With Basil Pesto

Butternut Squash Gnocchi With Basil Pesto

I was supposed to make and edible bacon container with maple syrup mousse topped with meringue for my Daring Bakers April Challeng…guess what? There’s NO maple syrup in my country, we have communists ruling it (or at least trying to). SSSOOO the only part of the challenge I made was an edible container, it is about a parmesan cheese bowl filled with butternut squash gnocchi topped with basil pesto and tomato


Colomba Pasquale

Colomba Pasquale

Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day, this post was supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but a very ugly storm made it impossible. This is my Easter dove or Colomba Pasquale, a delicious soft and moist Italian bread, it is as soft as a sponge cake and it is perfumed with the cent of candied orange peel and almonds. My friend Hector described it in a very nice way because he could pull threads/strands of the bread crumb and it was so airy that it was like eating cotton candy, my cousin said: “what is this? Cake or sweet bread? Oooh I know is one of your inventions…mmm GOOD .. DELICIOUS… But it is like cake, Wright? “I said: Nop, it isn’t, it is bread. Sorry the pics are not nice.

I hope Daddy’s watching from up there and that he’s proud of this, he always encouraged me to do things and try again every time I failed and he was always so proud .


Candied Orange Peels for my Easter Dove or Arancia Candita per la mia Colomba Pasquale

Candied Orange Peels for my Easter Dove or
Arancia Candita per la mia Colomba Pasquale

I’m planning to make the colomba next week so I decide to make my own candied orange peels besides I found beautiful oranges in the supermarket so I bought about 5 kilos, I knew the process would take 3- 4 days but I decided to challenge myself because the ones that are sold in the shops here are a kind of mummified orange peels, they are brown-green, hard and dry (I sometimes think they are taken from a pharaohs’ tomb…brrr). The result: soft, syrupy, sweet, bright beautiful color, gorgeous scent and delicious orange peels…*sight* I imagine them covered with dark chocolate….

Now, to those people involved in the orange/lemon peels mummification process …I bid you goodbye.

Please, let me know if you want the recipe