Colomba Pasquale

Colomba Pasquale

Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day, this post was supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but a very ugly storm made it impossible. This is my Easter dove or Colomba Pasquale, a delicious soft and moist Italian bread, it is as soft as a sponge cake and it is perfumed with the cent of candied orange peel and almonds. My friend Hector described it in a very nice way because he could pull threads/strands of the bread crumb and it was so airy that it was like eating cotton candy, my cousin said: “what is this? Cake or sweet bread? Oooh I know is one of your inventions…mmm GOOD .. DELICIOUS… But it is like cake, Wright? “I said: Nop, it isn’t, it is bread. Sorry the pics are not nice.

I hope Daddy’s watching from up there and that he’s proud of this, he always encouraged me to do things and try again every time I failed and he was always so proud .

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Donna said...

Happy Easter to you Sweet Friend!!!
This looks Delicious!! I also like your name on your photos! Good Girl!!
Take care and know I'm thinking of you!