Ok this is how a Faery does coffee, the entire realm here loves my coffee, I hope you like it too, one advise it is said that this kind of coffee pot are never washed with dish washing liquid (only outside and with time it will get browned no matter what you do), only rinse it with cold or hot water. Although I have a cappuccino machine this is how we prepare coffee everyday, with the cappuccino machine read the instruction and your coffee will be delicious all time. I think two girls in Waco and New York will like this recipe. Ok here we go:

 This a foam we make for coffee, but if publish this recipe my family will kill me...so I better don't :/

 The foam goes up soon

Homemade Guinness beer...naaa, hahaha COFFEE


1- Fill the cup (or filter) of your coffeepot until you reach the edge.

2- Press the coffee with a spoon until it looks very compact, DO NOT ADD MORE COFFE resist the temptation; otherwise you will make Chinese ink or a coffee that will keep awake for 72 hours and hyperactive. WE DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN.

3- Add water until you reach the valve that is the bottom (water) reservoir of you coffee pot, NOT more, if you want more coffee then make two batches

4- Then close the coffeepot and heat it until the coffee is in the upper reservoir, turn off the heat serve and enjoy

Refreshing Coffee for a hot day: (my mom’s recipe)

1- In a blender add ice cubes, hot or cold coffee, very cold water, sugar and some drops of vanilla extract. Amounts are the ones you like best, more coffee or less coffee (I used 1 small cup of coffee, half cup of water and about 5 ice cubes)

2- Blend until it is very foamy and serve

3- Options: You may sprinkle cinnamon, cocoa, or add chocolate syrup or whisky your imagination is the limit

Note: it is very refreshing, I love it


Donna said...

OMGGG!!!!Hahahahaa....LOVE IT!
And I DO want that foam recipe Girl Child!!Hahaaa
If you can't it's ok...sniff...Hahaaaa

Marcellina said...

This is how we have our coffee everyday, too! But the cold coffee, never! I love it! I must try it!

Lucy..♥ said...

I LOVE IT !!!! and.......remember you're coming for a visit and making me coffee. I now know I be in for a special treat. Have you gotten your tickets yet?????? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo !!!!! You are the BEST!!


Audax said...

WOW that coffee does look good. For some reason blogger won't let me post to your blog. I had to get some technical help no it means to be working. So sorry I haven''t been able to write to you. I love all the recipes you have been posting lately. I hope things have been going well for you and your family. The impossible cake so delicious.

I hope that the "black dog" (depression) lessens it weight on you. At least some tasty impossible chocolate cake will go down well.

Cheers and ((((hugs))))) from your friend Audax in Sydney Australia.