Streusel Cookie or Crumble Cookie

Streusel Cookie or Crumble Cookie.
Finally…. I solved the problems I had with blogger I had no access to my own account and still don’t know if I can leave comments on other blogs, will see soon.

This is the “cake” I made for my mom’s birthday it was delicious and I had to cook with splenda because my mom can not eat sugar…well technically she can eat sugar but once she had a high level of sugar in her blood (I’m not a doctor so it I difficult to explain ) and she got scared so she decided to be very careful and NOT to eat sugar at all… only one (1) candied cherry , she loved her “cake” and told me “girl you are in big trouble..I want more of this” :D by the way I had to made this cake in the sawing room because we spend 7 hours without light (power) that day and the kitchen was dark and hot…next day we had a power cut of 24 hours… THAT is Venezuela today


Bottom layer.

200 gr unsalted margarine.

150 gr ef raising flour.

6 tablepoons splenda or 100 gr white sugar.

¼ teaspoon powder cinnamon.

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract.

1 pinch salt


1 jar sugar free jam or the regular one

Top layer.

325 gr self rasiing flour.

180- 200 gr margarine.

11 tablespoon splenda or 125 gr white sugar.

¼ teaspoon powder cinnamon.

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract.

A pinch salt

Bottom layer

1- sieve together all the dry ingredient

2- Add margarine and vanilla.

3- Mix all ingredients

4- Press this dough on a pie pan and let rest in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, meanwhile prepare the top layer

5- sieve together all the dry ingredient

6- Add margarine and vanilla.

7- Gently rub flour and margarine between your hands until it looks like wet sand, let rest in the refrigerator for about 10 minute… meanwhile open the jar of jam which lid is so tight that you’ll need muscle and a strong will to open it…K maybe yours is nicer that this one

8- Spread the jam evenly over the bottom layer and then sprinkle the top layer over the jam, then decorate with some candied cherries (drained) and some powder cinnamon .

9- Bake 190°C until it looks light brown on top layer


Donna said...

Oh Claudia! This looks Wonderful!
SO SORRY about the power being cut off!! Things are just getting worse!
Hang in there!!
Love you!

Faery said...

Thank you Donna. Yes things are getting worse and they'll be even worse, we are working hard to get rid of that dictator, but our feelings are like a roller coaster now they working hard too,to make us feel that way. in my country If anything can go wrong, it will