Ricotta cheesecake (my way)

Ricotta Cheesecake (my way)

I love this cheesecake because its texture is soft but it is compact and you don’t need to make a crust, you can substitute white sugar for splenda , it is easy  and you don’t need a water bath to bake it,  the two bad points to this cheesecake is that it can be baked in the microwave oven too so is makes this recipe very dangerous for those trying not to eat too much sweets because in about 12 minutes you have a dessert (about 6 for the mise en place and mixing, 3-4 for baking and 2 for the topping) and If you have a very fresh ricotta you need to drain it overnight (as in my case but I prefer my ricotta super fresh).

600 gr unsalted fresh ricotta
1 can sweetened condensed milk.
1 pich salt.
1 teaspoon lemon peel grated.
2 tablespoons corn starch
5 eggs.
½ tablespoon vanilla extract.
¼ cup white sugar. (op)
Marmalade sauce.
½ cup apricot marmalade
2 tablespoons dark rum
1 tablespoon  fresh lemon juice
¼ cup water or apricot juice
½ cup raisings
1-      Mix all the ingredients with a handheld mixer until smooth.
2-      Place in buttered ramekins or oven proof glass bowl.
3-      Bake 180°C until golden but the center remains a bit soft when you move the bowl.
4-      Let cool (better overnight)and spread the top with the marmalade sauce
For the sauce
1-      soak the raising in the rum for about 1 hour
2-      Mix all the ingredient and cook over low heat until the marmalade is hot

Microwave Version

 For the microwave oven version
1-      Use buttered ramekins and bake the cheesecake for 3.5 to 4 minutes, the center will always look kind of wet so insert a wooden stick in the center and should come out clean.
For the sauce
1 small jar cherries in syrup
1 1/2 tablespoon corn starch
½ cup cherry syrup
4 tablespoons water
1-      mix water and  corn starch then add the  cherry syrup, place in a micro wave oven safe bowl or mug  and cook for 30 second take the bowl out and stir the sauce and cook for other 30 seconds stir until is thickens and it looses the milky color (due to corn starch) 

Splenda Cheesecake

For the splenda cheesecake
Substitute the sweetened condensed milk for 300 ml cream or milk and the white sugar for 1 cup granular splenda or to taste and bake until a wooden stick comes out clean, as this doesn’t have sugar it won’t get a golden color
For the topping
1 red or green apple diced
1 cup water or unsweetened apple juice
Splenda to taste
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch salt
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon corn starch
Raisins to taste
1-      In sauce pan cook apple, raisins, salt and water until the apple Is soft smash some of the apple cubes and add the corn starch dissolved in 2 tablespoons water.
2-      Stir until the sauce thickens; add the vanilla when the sauce is warm.


Donna said...

Another Great recipe Claudia!! And one with Splenda too!
Hope all is well sweet friend!!

Lucy..♥ said...

I love, love ricotta cheese cake, and also the topping looks wonderful and having that rum in there too!!

Have you seen Grant's singing video on my FB? How he sings without moving his lips is funny ;-)

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Renata said...

I love ricotta cheesecakes, and I specially loved your idea of baking it in a cup, so cute! I will bookmark this one!

Donna said...

Merry Christmas Dear Friend!!
Love you!

Donna said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!