French Country Bread

The Daring Bakers' Dicember Challenge
French Country Bread

Happy New Year… I know it is a bit late but I cached a flu called influenza and it was terrible: pain all over my body, high fever, and a splitting headache so the light hurt my eyes too.
I am sorry I could not post my December challenge when it was due, I completed my challenge about a week before Christmas but by Christmas Eve the fever began ….
I dressed my country bread with a poinsettia because I was expecting a Christmas challenge so I decided to twist my bread shape a little, I decorated it with some of the dough and then painted it with egg yolk and food colors, the two only picture I could take are very ugly because that day we had a long loooong power cut in the entire town so double sorry
Jessica thank so much for this challenge, if you want to make this wonderful bread please click here

Our Daring Bakers Host for December 2011 was Jessica of My Recipe Project and she showed us how fun it is to create Sour Dough bread in our own kitchens! She provided us with Sour Dough recipes from Bread Matters by AndrewWhitley as well as delicious recipes to use our Sour Dough bread in from Tonia George’s Things on Toast and Canteen’s Great British Food!

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Donna said...

Oh Claudia! SO sorry you were ill!!
Hope you're feeling better now!
Your bread is Gorgeous! What a great idea of painting it with food coloring...
Here's praying for a better new year for Both of our countries!!
Love you!