Papaya in Syrup

Papaya in Syrup 2

I am posting the recipe for papaya in syrup for a second time since so many people (from my own country ) stole my pictures so googlebot banned my posts containing the stolen pictures and they are not indexed in the google search page so I’ll have to repost those posts again and I hope they do not steal my pics again……

1 green (not ripe) papaya mine had 950 grams
950 grams water
800 grams sugar.
1 tablespoon glucose 
20 whole sweet cloves or to taste
A pinch of alt 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Soaking solution.
1 tablespoon baking soda
1-       Peel the papaya and cut in halves using a vegetable peeler make long stripes from the cut sides of the papaya.
2-      Rinse the papaya stripes in water and then place them in a glass bowl sprinkle with baking soda and add water until all the papaya is covered then toss then to dissolve the baking soda and let rest for about 30 minutes (the longer they rest in the solution the crispier they will be so don’t let them rest more that 45 minutes) then thoroughly rinse with water.
3-      Place the papaya in a heavy bottomed casserole and cover with water, boil until the papaya stripes are soft enough to roll them over and not break, that would be about 25 minutes  then strain them (but don’t throw the water, set aside) , roll them over like you would for a jelly roll and secure them with a toothpick, let aside
4-      In the same heavy bottomed casserole add 950 grams of the water you reserved, salt,   sugar, cloves and glucose and boil until the consistency of a light simple syrup, then add the rolled papaya and let cook at slow heat until the papaya is translucent and the syrup gets the consistency of a thick cough syrup, add the vanilla extract when the syrup I warm.


Donna said...

Oh nooo!!! Don't you just hate a thief?
You photos look Lovely Claudia!!!

aandara said...

Se ve precioso, ya me dieron ganas de hacerlo, me pondre en busca de una lechoza verde
un beso

Lucy..♥ said...

So sorry that has happened to you. I, for one do not see the point of stealing other people's work. It happened to me & went to the source and thief had them remove my photo's and my recipe without the credit to myself.



Renata said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the theft of your photos. I just came from the DK and read about your GF cake, sorry about that too, but I'm not a tidbit sorry for having come here to find this GORGEOUS papaya recipe. It's just so cool!

creative jenny said...

que delicia!!!! que fotos magnificas y.... al leer la receta me pregunto si es así tan fácil de confeccionar como suena. Tu realmente eres una artista y, por eso alguién te robó. No te preocupes pues la vida te brindará muchos otros regalos, a comenzar por las personas que te leen y se quedan deliciadas con tus peripecias gastgronómicas,la calidad d los platos, la excelencia de las fotos, y el amor que le pones a todo cuanto haces! parabens! soy tu seguidora y tu fan!Gracias por tu blog!