Daring Bakers' April Challenge:
American Nutmeg Cake

Sorry I’m late…yes again, but I don’t know what is happening to me, if I was a believer in witchcraft I’d cry out loud that someone put a spell on me,  I’m not going into details (for fear of writing too many mistakes as my English is vanishing…) but I had another accident (four in three weeks), this time my right index finger, I thought it was broken thanks God it is not, but it looks like an Italian sausage, it hurts like he…well it hurts A LOT; So I only made half of my challenge,  I changed wheat flour for  gluten free flour and peanuts because we are not in nut season (they are imported )
For the original recipe visit this wonderful blog, thans Jason


Wolf said...

Just the fact you even made this part of the challenge with a disabled finger is awesome}:P

Anula said...

Hope you'll get better soon! :) Good looking cake :)
Pozdrawiam, Anula.

Donna said...

Well, it looks Great!! I guess I do it too! Some weeks, I'm a clutz!
Stay Safe!!!