A Change For Faery's Kitchen.
(Not all changes are good)

I've been thinking about my blog, I have abandoned it, I said to myself "sincerity has always been an important value for you, so report how the kitchen o Faery has changed lately" you can compare my previous posts and how this itchen was but then I suddenly stopped posting, then I tried but it has been difficult, not only buying food is really hard but my camera broke and there are none in the stores…beside with the new prices I wouldn’t be able to buy a new one .
I think all who are interested in politics and know how a crisis can affect an entire region know the case of Venezuela, plunged into a crisis of almost 17 years, thanks to a president who was conquered by Cuban dictators, with their politics Venezuela collapsed; We don’t talk about food shortage now, we say lack of food and medicine and the government illegally and unconstitutionally blocks all the measurements the National Assembly takes to overcome the crisis….  
I'm changing the purpose of my blog and this is something risky because we do not have freedom of speech either but I’ve had enough; we lack so many things that I’m not afraid to talk about it and that is exactly  what I will do: Faery’s Kitchen or the Chronicles of a Kitchen During “Revolution”.
I have to go out and continue “visiting” stores and see what we can buy to eat and try to find my mom's medicine.... Here I leave the pictures of what my sister and I bought this morning, there are 13 items that cost more 7 million bolivars and 3 items we bought at the black market, each costed 1 million bolivars’ ... I remind you that the salary of a Venezuelan is a little more than 11 million. In the next post I will explain how the monetary system works and why the dollar has different prices and Why shopping receipt says prices in thousands and I speak of millions; 1.000 equals 1.000.000

Bye Bye … and yes if my English was bad before …it is worse now hehehe
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Donna said...

Have things not gotten Any better? Wasn't there a change recently in the government?
Wish I could help you!!!

Faery said...

Hi Donna! thank you <3 .
Well nop, things get worse every midnight, (that is the time when the government work to violate the constitution), the change was at the National Assembly we got 112 members in the parliament while the government got only 54 but they block everything the new democratic assembly does to try to solve the crisis with their communist “supreme tribunal of justice”. Last Saturday, when I went to the store a bag of one kilogram of powdered milk was 2 850 Bolivars, it means almost three millions (you have to add three ceros to know the real value of currency here)...The battery of my car is dead so it means I have two options: buy it at the black market at 70 000 Bolivars (70 million) or stay in line for 3 days in a row out in the street with this crazy delicuency, If you leave the line for a while you loose your place in line...sooo I decided to walk (I already lost 27 kilograms) walking is healthier, it is risky though. I just want to emigrate but where? I need a job somewhere far from my beloved Venezuela :’( Jesus I don’t know what to do, hold on a little more?
PS. I was writing when we had a second power cut. See, the government is improving the way they make us go backwards …..